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Our excursion routes

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If you like to look through the time, the historical route will suit you. Your smartphone will take you back to the past to enjoy ancient Krasnoyarsk!

You learn all interesting facts of old buildings and mansions. Travel in space and time!

Route distance

4.8 km

The number of covered places

20 places
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1. Statue of V.I. Lenin

2. The Cherepanovs' locomotive mock-up

3. House of M.P. Sevastyanov

4. Public Conservatory

5. House of O.T. Kolesnikov

6. Theological Seminary building

7. Roman Catholic Church

8. The Eparch House

9. Museum of Artist B.Ya. Ryauzov

10. V.I. Surikov Garden

11. V.I. Surikov Estate Museum

12. The Abalakovs' House

13. Museum of Literature

14. Cathedral of Intercession of the Virgin

15. Kokhanovskys' Printing House

16. Public Assembly House

17. I.G. Gadalov's House

18. N.G. Gadalov's Trading House

19. Girls' Gymnasium Building

20. Monument of A. Pozdeev

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Museums, fountains, famous Kommunalny bridge, and statues, from different times and epochs.

Do you like fascinating stories, actual facts, urban legends? We recommend you an educational city tour.
Spend time with fun and use, learn many stories you will share with your friends when you come home. Travel with ease and joy!

Route distance

4 km

The number of covered places

15 places
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1. The Big Ben of Krasnoyarsk

2. Museum of Regional Studies.

3. Kommunalny Bridge

4. Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre

5. The Saint Nicholas ship

6. The Krasny Yar stone

7. White Horse sculpture

8. Cable Bridge

9. Commander N.P. Rezanov Monument

10. The Triumphal Arch

11. Themis Fountain

12. Mansion of P.I. Kuznetsov

13. The Church of the Annunciation

14. Museum of V.I. Surikov

15. The Piter Bridge Fountain

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Pleasant cosy places and original sculptures create amazing sensation of cosiness and warmth, giving a new feel to your romantic date!
Take this romantic route to dream along and give in the warm embrace of the city.

Route distance

3 km

The number of covered places

13 places
Begin excursion

1. Central Park

2. The embankment piazza

3. The Lovers' Bench

4. A.P. Chekhov Monument

5. Fountain "The Rivers of Siberia"

6. Theatre Square

7. The Opera and Ballet theatre

8. Musical Fountain

9. Valentine and Valentine Fountain

10. Pushkin Drama Theatre

11. Poet and Natalie Rotunda

12. The Sweet Twosome Sculpture

13. Regional Library

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Tours and excursions

Make every day adventurous!
Experienced guides always make it fun!

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Every day thousands of Krasnoyarsk citizens stroll around great historical and architectural monuments, but if you ask them, they can only point at the chapel and Kommunalny bridge known from the ten rouble banknote.

We want Krasnoyarsk citizens and guests to know the city better and feel proud of our cultural legacy.

This is why our goal is to educate all interested people with our "Krasnoyarsk Threads" mobile app.

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